About us

As 100% subsidiary SME of KCPK (Kenniscentrum Papier en Karton), Bumaga aims to bridge the gap between fundamental research and market adoption by focussing all its activities towards technology and product development and implementation in the paper and board industry. Examples are alternative technologies for efficient paper and board production and new applications of fibre-based products.

Creating Sustainable Fibre Solutions!


KCPK is initiated by the Royal Dutch Association of Paper and Board Mills (VNP) and aims to strengthen the knowledge infrastructure of the Dutch paper and board industry by generation and dissemination of knowledge. Together we support the Dutch paper and board mills (as depicted in the picture) in innovation.

The companies we support vary from large, efficiency oriented production locations that are part of global market leaders, to independent small speciality focused businesses. Both categories have good perspectives in the long term in the Netherlands.

More info: www.kcpk.nl