Bumaga aims to bridge the gap between fundamental research and market adoption by focussing all its activities towards technology and product development and implementation in the paper and board industry. Examples are alternative technologies for efficient paper and board production and new applications of fibre-based products.


Fibre Raw Materials

Within this program, attention is given to future availability of raw materials and its quality.

Technology & Process

Optimisation of production process and improvement of energy performance are the key areas of this program.

End products

End products cover the entire value chain from the moment mills have produced paper and board.

Our way of working


With our extensive (inter)national network of academia and research institutes we have clear sight on long term development of importance to our sector.


We supplement our knowledge by scouting technological developments outside the paper and board sector.


Our activities and projects follow the roadmaps per program: fibre raw materials, technology & process, and end products. These roadmaps are revised yearly based on scouted technology and scanned developments, as well as the needs of the sector.


In practice, five platforms play a crucial role in the collaboration with paper and board mills: Fibre Raw Materials, Technology & Process, End Products, Water, Technical Services.

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