Fibre Raw Materials

Within this programme there is additional focus on future availability of raw materials and the expected developments in the quality of raw materials. The aim is to allow reuse of paper with a maximum reuse of both non-recyclable and non-paper cut from waste paper.

Maintained in this programme is the combination of fundamental research, technological development, demonstration and implementations.   Within Fibre Raw Materials there are 3 main routes:

- Guarantee availability of raw materials
- Efficient use of raw materials
- Efficient fibre processing and fibre treatment

Within the guaranteed availability of raw materials we look at how the future supply of raw materials and quality can be guaranteed. This is done through the development of isolation and fractionation technology. These technologies will be tested through pilot installations.       The efficient use of resources is based on fit for purpose: raw materials must match the desired product quality and low power consumption. They also examine how the fibre-containing residues are able to be fully utilised.

Efficient fibre processing and fibre treatment concerns the management of the dust production and new individual process units. and very important the reduction of energy and fibre damage.

Due to a greatly increased interest in biomass in other sectors, raw materials for paper and cardboard are becoming scarce and expensive. This will complete biomass in the future and should be utilized more efficiently. A greater value needs to be retrieved from the biomass for residue streams to become products. Through increased cooperation in biomass utilization, this can be realized. Projects in this area are conducted under the Programme of Energy biorefinery P4 Paper Chain.

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