End Products

The End Products program covers the value and supply chain from paper and board mill to end use.

Shared goals within the Dutch paper and board industry are drafted in the strategic innovation agenda Creating Sustainable Fibre Solutions (in short: CSF). Three icon projects ensure that we present ourselves as a high-tech, sustainable sector that is visible everywhere: 1) Raw materials of the future, 2) Towards a sustainable energy supply and 3) High performance materials. The End Products program contributes to the third route.

The process of paper production is an aid to transform fibres into products. This process can be optimised, both in terms of efficiency as well as in costs. For a sustainable future of our industry it is also necessary to develop new material properties and paper and board applications with high added value and that unlock new markets. Within the icon project High performance materials the sector cooperates to realise more added value and customer value via two routes: improved products and additional functionalities (3-5% per year) and additional services (0-2% per year). In relation to the desired pre-competitiveness, KCPK’s focus will be mainly on the development of new application. As a spin-off, the participating VNP-members can cooperate with Bumaga to translate this knowledge into further improvement of existing products in existing markets.

The term ‘End products’ refers in this instance to the products of the paper and board mills as well as the final products that the consumer gets in hand. The End Products program makes the transition from market trends to the Dutch paper and board industry to contribute to their continuity. Our activities are aimed at increasing the performance of paper and board, the addition of functionalities for example by surface treatment or printing, combinations with other (bio) materials, new applications, and chain optimisation.


Our vision is that paper and board based products offer opportunities for increasing consumer demands and trends, such as sustainability, safety, added functionalities, intelligent packaging, more retail and consumer packaging, alternative raw materials, awareness, and more efficient value chains. Even though the use of paper and board might change, the demand will continue to grow globally over the coming years. Innovation and business development are becoming increasingly important and our industry’s future is in specialisation. In addition, SME suppliers and buyers play a crucial role in innovations in the field of new paper and board applications. Through research, development, innovation, demonstration, implementation, consortia formation, and the link between science and industry, we are working to achieve this vision. While working from the point of view of the paper and board industry, we closely cooperate within the value chain and outside our industry. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Dutch paper and board industry by developing new products. Paper and board are as diverse as the space for new ideas and cooperation.


Obviously, the realisation of our vision will impact the industry. To be ready for the future, some things need and can change. By increasing demand for smaller and specialty packaging, there is more room for specialisation.  There is and remains however room for bulk products, even though the number of mills to produce these bulk products will be limited. These companies need to become cost leader. In addition, companies will need to be more flexible in order to create added value and increase the gap between costs and sales. Printability will grow more important while the demand for smaller retail packages increases. And finally, to not let everything depend on the value chain, our industry will regain in-house activities that are currently implemented further down the value chain, such as investments in business and product development, the use of paints, coatings, specialty inks, cellulose chemistry and surface treatment.

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